I’m Willing To Be Uncomfortable

I have chosen the quality above as the attribute that best describes me from the list of characteristics that best describe a Master Student. For as long as I can remember, comfort is something that has never been a close ally. Since childhood, it seems that every time I find myself in a comfort zone and become immersed in the feeling of wanting to stay there, life stops. Of course, life doesn’t actually stop but I become defensive. I begin to take the posture of fending off anything that threatens that comfort and in doing so, I not only fend off bad things but also things that could be good or at least lead to something better.

I believe when you are standing still and ignoring things around you, which is another inevitable vice that grips those who become complacent, you can miss out on God’s true calling and blessing for your life. Over the past few years, I have found myself wanting to slip back in to my comfort zone for many reasons but mostly out of fear and selfishness. In spite of the feeling of wanting to return to that bunker mentality where I have spent too much of my life, I have resolved within myself to never return there. Comfort is an evasive feeling that promises security and freedom but instead provides trouble and leads to captivity; captivity of the mind and soul.

God calls us to be uncomfortable. There are many stories in the Bible, especially in the Old Testament that prove this true. God continually used people who were in a relatively comfortable situation, however He did not use them in their contentment; instead He called them to step out, often to leave everything that was familiar to them. I believe that He still calls us to do the same. It is in these times that we actually live the way God intended. It is the only way that we can truly experience God’s true calling on our lives.

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Justin Skains

Hard-working husband, father, coach, and amateur ultra-marathoner who prides himself on results day-in and day-out...and oh yes, I love to write!

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