Running Is Life

Running has taught me how to deal with life; the struggles, the triumphs and defeats. Running is the truest metaphor of life. I no longer try to avoid pain and adversity; instead, I go looking for it. I purposely seek them out because I know that every obstacle that I overcome makes me stronger.If you allow it to, running will teach you how to overcome adversity. It will make you stronger, reveal your true identity, and build character. It will build you into a fighter.

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Running will teach you to work for success, to keep going when you’re tired, and to push past self-imposed limits. Running will teach you that shortcuts don’t exist and it will give back 100% of everything that you give it. Running is energy. It’s a terrible, fantastic, miserable, and invigorating sport. It will make you hate yourself, then it will teach how to love yourself and others in a completely new way. Running doesn’t discriminate; it welcomes everyone the same. It’s always there, waiting for you to embrace its pain and to welcome its rewards.

Running will never judge you; it understands that you will have good days and bad. It knows your every weakness, but it wants to make you strong. It knows your fears, but it wants to give you courage. It knows your negative thoughts, but it wants to help you achieve your dreams. Run slow. Run fast. Run long. Run short. Run with friends. Run solo. Run when you’re tired. Run when you’re energized. Whatever, whenever, just run.





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Justin Skains

Hard-working husband, father, coach, and amateur ultra-marathoner who prides himself on results day-in and day-out...and oh yes, I love to write!

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