A Life Paved With Good Intentions. 

A life paved with good intentions.


A road scattered with gifts never given, thoughts never acted upon, embraces never given, and words never mentioned.

Selfish? No I’m not selfish; I’m just very busy you see. I have so much to do, but I’ll get to those thoughts very soon; there’s always another day.

What a nice thing to do. I’m so very thoughtful. I should tell her that she’s beautiful, oh but I’ll wait for a better time and place, when I have more time to stay.

Won’t these flowers look lovely on our kitchen table? She will love them; yellow roses are her favorite you see. Yes, I must buy them, but later on when I am not so hurriedly rushing on my way.

It must be tough what he’s going through. I can’t imagine his pain. I’ll stop by with an encouraging word and offer a listening ear; but tomorrow, for responsibility is calling me away.

That one is as smart as a whip and so determined to succeed. I should tell him that I’m proud of him, oh but he already knows and surely he would rather just go outside and play.

God has richly blessed me with a wonderful family and a heart of gold; I should thank Him for my beautiful wife and children. I’ll have more time tomorrow and besides, He’s probably not listening anyway.

I’m feeling very tired now and it’s almost time to go, but I feel there’s so much left to say and do, if only I had one more day.

My beautiful, you are so lovely; can you hear my words still? I’m so sorry, but I never thought I’d have to let go of you with these words still in my way.

My son, I’m so proud of you for the man I hope you’ll become. My words are softer now, but they mean just the same. Please remember our time together and the things I didn’t say.

God, I hope I’ll see you soon to thank you for this day. I wish I would have talked with you more but now I have nothing left to pray.

A life paved with good intentions; a road scattered with thoughts that have now passed away.

Published by

Justin Skains

Hard-working husband, father, coach, and amateur ultra-marathoner who prides himself on results day-in and day-out...and oh yes, I love to write!

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