Fear Awakens Us

Sometimes in the calmness of rest, fear awakens our senses to remind us that we weren’t created for comfort. We weren’t born for ease of existence and warm beds.

We were made to face our most frightful worries and conquer our darkest of torments. Fear isn’t our enemy. Fear is a reminder of the challenges that we’ve yet to overcome.

If we attack the obstacle in our path, the fear subsides. Conversely, if we shrink back from fear, it grows louder and angrier. Life is about overcoming pain and adversity, not running from it.

Embrace your fears, look them in the eye, and take them down; one by one. 

Published by

Justin Skains

Hard-working husband, father, coach, and amateur ultra-marathoner who prides himself on results day-in and day-out...and oh yes, I love to write!

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